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Hurricane Watch Net Activation Plans

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The Hurricane Watch Net provides communications to and from the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida during times of hurricane emergencies.  This net (a group of trained amateur radio operators whose mission is to support the National Hurricane Center) convenes as an organized network of emergency communicators on the frequencies of 14.325.00 MHz (daytime), and 7.268 MHz (nighttime) when possible, whenever a hurricane is forecast to be within 300 statute miles from landfall of any inhabited land mass in the Caribbean Sea, Central America, and the U.S. Mainland including the Gulf of Mexico coastal areas.

Whenever the Hurricane Watch Net is not active, you can hear the latest information on 14.300.00 MHz.

As a special note to those who monitor when the net is active, we ask that you please honor our request for you remain quiet unless specifically called upon for assistance.

We invite you to monitor the status of all active storms through information presented on our web site.

Please remember to visit this page frequently for the latest net activation information.

Kind Regards,
Net Management